Tools and calculators

These free tools and calculators can help you plan for retirement and apply for the right level of insurance for you.

Retirement Projection calculator

Find out about your potential super balance at retirement and how long it may last in relation to your life expectancy.

Retirement Lifestyle calculator

Estimate what income you may need to meet your preferred retirement lifestyle.

Insurance Quote calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the cost of voluntary insurance.

Insurance Needs calculator

Whether you're considering death cover, total and permanent disablement cover, salary continuance – or all three – we can help you calculate the amounts that might be right for you. (Provided by TAL)

Investment risk profiler

Answer a few questions to find out more about your risk profile.

Small change, big savings

This calculator illustrates the value of giving up small, everyday items such as a cup of coffee and investing those savings into super whilst also reducing the carbon footprint.

Government Co-contribution

The Government Co-contribution is an initiative whereby the Federal Government contributes up to 50 cents for every $1 you personally contribute (in after-tax dollars) to your super.

Carbon footprint calculator

Try our carbon footprint calculator, and see how the simple choices you make can reduce your impact on the environment.



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