Responsible investment

LGS is Australia’s leading responsible, ethical and sustainable superannuation fund.

We believe that the consideration and integration of ESG factors in our investment decision-making process helps mitigate potential risks and maximise long-term returns for our members.

We are committed to ethical and sustainable investment, and we are one of a very small number to be certified as a responsible super fund by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia.

"We recognise that the prosperity of the economy and the wellbeing of our members depend on a healthy environment, social cohesion and good governance of the companies in which we invest."

Moya Yip, Head of Responsible Investment

Integrating ESG into our investments

LGS’ negative screens exclude investments that are not aligned with our values in approximately 265 companies globally involved in tobacco, controversial weapons, gambling services, coal mining, coal fired electricity generators and oil tar sand companies.

As a result, LGS’ share portfolios successfully achieved Weighted Average Carbon Intensities (exposure to carbon-intensive companies) below their market benchmark – by 18% on Australian equities and 30% on international equities. 

LGS actively seeks out investment opportunities that have positive environmental and social impacts with over $4bn (~30%) of our entire fund invested in low carbon assets which include renewable energy infrastructure and green bonds. Additionally, 17% of our Australian Equities and 37% of our international equities portfolio is made up of companies involved in Clean Technology Solutions.

LGS’ meticulously developed Active Ownership Policy aims to achieve positive social and environmental outcomes by being a responsible long-term focused steward of our members’ savings.


Responsible investment certification

LGS is a certified responsible investor, with investments across Australian and international shares, property, infrastructure, private equity and absolute return asset classes.

  • LGS has been included in the UNPRI 2019 Leaders' Group for responsible investment excellence. Only 10% of all UNPRI asset owner signatories are included in the UNPRI 2019 Leaders’ Group.

Recent awards

LGS is proud to receive recognition from the investment community for our continuous service and commitment towards responsible, sustainable and ethical investment.


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