Fund managers

The suite of global fund managers Local Government Super has selected to manage its investments are highly skilled and experienced.

Australian Equity

LGS has more than $2.1 billion invested in Australian Equity.


Investment style


Diversified Australian Equities

DNR Capital

Fundamental ESG


Small Caps High Conviction

First Sentier Investors

Small Caps Quality Growth


Fundamental Quality

State Street Global Advisors

Diversified Australian Equities



International Equity

LGS has more than $2.4 billion invested in International Equity.


Investment style

AQR Capital Management

Diversified International Equities

Macquarie Investment Management

Emerging Markets

Hermes Investment Management

Diversified International Equites ESG

Impax Asset Management

Environmental Technology

Longview Partners

Concentrated Quality

LSV Asset Management

Diversified Value

MFS Investment Management

Concentrated Quality

WCM Investment Management

Concentrated Growth

Wellington Management

Emerging Markets


LGS has approximately $1.0 billion invested in Property. 


Investment style

LGS Direct

Australian Diversified Property

Investa Property Group

Australian Office Property

The GPT Group

Australian Shopping Centres

Resolution Capital

Global Listed Property


LGS has more than $1.7 billion in Bonds.


Investment style

AMP Capital

Australian Fixed Income

Macquarie Investment Management

Australian Fixed Income


International Fixed Income


International Fixed Income ESG

Absolute Return

LGS has more than $1.6 billion in Absolute Return.


Investment style

CQS Asset Management

Global Short Term Corporate Credit

Kapstream Capital

Australian Short Term Credit

Macquarie Investment Management

Australian Short Term Credit

AQR Capital Management

Diversified Multi Strategy

Ardea Investment Mangement

Global Fixed Interest Arbitrage

Attunga Capital

Australian Energy Market


Systematic Global Macro

TCW Investment management

US Property and Consumer Credit

Winton Group

Diversified Trend Following

Managed Cash

LGS has more than $1.0 billion in Managed Cash.


Investment style


Australian Short Term Deposits


Australian Money Market


Australian High Quality Credit


LGS has more than $50 million in Commodities.


Investment style

Janus Henderson

Global Commodities


Mesirow Financial Currency Management has been appointed to help manage the currency hedging. The currency exposure for International Equities is benchmarked at 40% hedged. All other overseas investments are fully hedged.  

Private Equity

Private Equity refers to equity investments that are not listed on the share markets. With an equity investment, your income comes from dividends rather than fixed interest payments.

The returns from successful private equity investments can be high if the timing is right and the best quality managers are used. These private investments can be difficult to sell, and often they have to be held until the assets are liquidated. LGS has a growing portfolio of private equity investments with a total value of over $0.7 billion.


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