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Watch our short videos to find out how you can make the most of your super, and how LGS can help you.

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2-minute super

Take 2 minutes to find out more about your super.

LGS Financial Planner, Ian Ornelas discusses transition to retirement strategy options.

LGS Client Relationship Manager, Leanne Cowan talks about how you can get your super in order.

Donna Grundy, talks through the benefits of insurance.

Financial Planner, Errol Umar, talks through changes to the non-concessional super contributions cap.

Investment Officer, Craig Turnbull talks about the recent performance of investment markets.

The importance of making a binding nomination with Casey Stephens.

Recent changes to the concessional super contributions cap with Ivan Haramina.

Super videos

Follow Reginald's journey as he learns more about super.

How super works                                          

Learn about how super works, where your money is being invested and what you need to do to plan a comfortable retirement.

Do you know what your fund invests in?

Align your values to your super. Choose a fund that invests your super using a responsible investment approach.