Responsible investment: Do you know about our Property Fund?

19 February 2019

More and more people the world over are opening their eyes to the seriousness of the challenges facing our planet.


From the dangers of plastic to the threat of global warming, we’re more aware than ever that the choices we make now have implications for the future.

At LGS, we think the same forward-thinking should apply for property investment, and we're proud that our property portfolio is among the most sustainable in Australia. In fact, from 2009 to 2017, annualised electricity and water consumption dropped by 44% and 49% respectively within the portfolio.

As a result, our assets are the first in Australia to receive the internationally-recognised 5-Star Green Star Performance portfolio rating. This award recognises that LGS is leading the way on completing the Green Building Council of Australia's 'Powered by Renewables Innovation Challenge' across all assets.

In 2018, LGS achieved 5 GRESB Green Stars in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey. Our score of 85/100 is the highest score we have achieved since becoming a founding member of this important initiative in 2012 and places our property assets well above global and local average.

Our commitment to sustainable investment also benefits you, our members. Our property portfolio delivered a return of nearly 20% in the last financial year, outperforming the benchmark by 7.36%.

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