Our guide to living with less plastic

19 February 2019

Plastic poses serious dangers to wildlife around the world, with over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals dying as a result of plastic debris in the ocean every year, according to figures from UNESCO.


At LGS we're committed to making our business sustainable, including making socially responsible investment choices, so we're sharing some tips on how to reduce plastic in your life.

1. Bring your own long-life bag when you go shopping

Plastic bags take at least 500 years to break down. Even then they never fully disappear, but instead turn into microplastics, continuing to absorb toxins and pollute the environment.

2. Don’t use disposable coffee cups

Disposable coffee cups are often made from a mixture of plastic and cardboard that makes them nearly impossible to recycle. 'Keep cups' are a great alternative.

3. Say no to plastic straws

Have you seen the distressing images of plastic straws being removed from sea turtles' noses? Have your own reusable metal straw or simply ask for your drinks to come without a plastic one.

4. Stop buying bottled water

Using your own refillable glass water bottle is an easy way to cut out one of the worst plastic offenders.

5. Do you really need that plastic cutlery?

Many takeaway meals come with plastic knives and forks. Use your own to reduce your plastic footprint.

6. Try to shop at local markets

Not only is the produce fresher, it's likely to use a lot less plastic packaging.

7. Stick to a sustainable super fund

Many Australian super funds invest in companies that contribute to environmental degradation. It's important to know where your super fund invests your money.

Find out about our sustainable investment approach.

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