5 ways to curb climate change

30 September 2019

Climate change is too big an issue for any one person to solve on their own. However, the combined efforts of people around the globe can make a real difference. Regardless of your age, income, or where you live, you can make adjustments in your own life that will positively impact the environment.

At LGS, for example, we take a responsible and sustainable approach in where we invest your super savings. We exclude investments in around 272 companies globally involved in tobacco, controversial weapons, coal mining, coal fired electricity generators and oil tar sand companies.

So, what part can you play?

1. Reduce your household energy consumption

Households contribute nearly 20% of all Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Department of the Environment and Energy. If you’re looking to cut down on your share of this, use free tools such as greenelectricityguide.org.au to see how your electricity provider compares to others in terms of the emissions intensity of their power stations.

2. Buy local

Even your groceries have a carbon footprint, and this can get substantial if the goods you buy are imported from overseas.

In addition to purchasing from local producers, look for stickers that denote sustainable, low-impact farming practices.

3. Commute smart

A huge 79% of the 9.2 million commuters surveyed on 2016 Census Day were travelling to work by private vehicle. That’s a lot of cars, producing a lot of emissions, a lot of the time.

If walking, riding a bike or public transport aren’t viable options for you, carpooling is an excellent alternative. Find people in your area who are headed to the same employment hub as you and arrange a pickup schedule – you’ll also save some dollars on fuel and parking!

4. Recycle and reuse

As a nation we produce 3 million tonnes of plastic a year, according to WWF Australia. In addition to endangering the lives of animals and birds, fossil fuels are used to produce plastic. By recycling and reusing plastic items, you’re combating negative influences on the planet on two fronts.

5. Reduce your meat consumption

Livestock emissions account for 1% of Australia’s greenhouse gases, says the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. You can help reduce this figure by adopting a flexitarian diet in which you limit your meat and dairy consumption.

Learn more about how we invest your super savings responsibly.

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