Local Government Super Appoints New Director

09 March 2021

Local Government Super, an industry leader in responsible investment, has announced the appointment of Councillor Declan Clausen to the Board of Directors, effective 26 March 2021. 

Cr Clausen will fill the Board seat left vacant by LGS Deputy Chair Bruce Miller, who is stepping down after serving nearly 11 years on the Board. The role of Deputy Chair will be filled by sitting Board member Cr Karen McKeown.

On the appointment of Cr Clausen, LGS Chair Kyle Loades, says: “Declan is a tremendous addition to the Board. His experience and impressive academic qualifications further enhance LGS’ commitment to attract the best possible talent to ensure the super fund delivers value and long-term growth for all members. Furthermore, through his leadership experience as Deputy Lord Mayor of Newcastle and corporate roles, Declan has a proven track record of listening to the community and providing the best outcomes possible.

“LGS is consistently recognised as a global leader for its long-term commitment to responsible and sustainable investing. Declan’s commitment to working as a key civic leader driving a strategy of liveability, sustainability and the uptake of smart city technologies during his time at the City of Newcastle demonstrates that he is a perfect fit for LGS.  

“We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Bruce’s valuable contribution to both the Board and members of LGS. Bruce is a strong advocate for responsible and sustainable investing and successfully led LGS through a period of governance change to achieve the best possible outcome for our members,” Mr Loades says.

Cr Clausen, who is an employer-nominated board member, has been the Deputy Lord Mayor of Newcastle since 2017 and is the fourth director to join LGS in the past 18 months, adding to the depth of expertise and diversity sitting on the Board.

Cr Clausen is currently the Executive Officer at the Hunter Water Corporation and previously worked in public affairs with the Sydney Water Corporation.

After graduating from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours 1), he completed a Masters in Sustainable Urban Development at the University of Oxford with a research dissertation in macroeconomics. He was also one of 80 senior international local government leaders to complete a year-long executive management and governance program at Harvard University on a scholarship from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Cr Clausen joins other LGS appointments including Chair Kyle Loades, Chief Executive Officer Phil Stockwell, and Independent Directors Sandi Orleow and Claudia Bels.

At LGS, the maximum tenure for directors is 12 years.

Read the media release.

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