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Corporate sustainability

As well as following a responsible investment approach, we have a corporate sustainability program for our day-to-day operations.

The LGS Corporate Sustainability Policy outlines our sustainability goals and sets the framework for a culture of continual improvement. We:

  • support a national approach to reducing the impact of climate change
  • embrace the importance of high levels of transparency and disclosure. We commit to reporting our sustainability performance to employees, members and other stakeholders
  • engage with our employees, suppliers, members, regulators and other relevant stakeholders to assist with the development of our sustainability programs and to provide feedback on our performance
  • ensure that our employees and suppliers have the necessary training, skills, knowledge and resources to meet our sustainability commitments.

We strive to:

  • conduct our business in a responsible manner and be respected by the community in which we operate
  • meet the requirements of environmental and social laws, policies, charters and other commitments to which we subscribe
  • minimise the effect our activities have on the environment and society by considering the environmental and social consequences of our business decisions
  • reduce our carbon emissions as well as energy and resource usage
  • use resources more efficiently.


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